Congratulations to @DerbyUni Paul Wood on being conferred a Personal Chair

Congratulations to Paul Wood, who in addition to being Director of the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering, has been conferred a Personal Chair by the University of Derby. It’s been great working with Paul, and I’m looking forward to continuing this in the future on healthcare applications. Angelo, Paul and I are in our […]

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Our first 3D Printed Superalloy (INCONEL 718) in IISE @DerbyUni for gas turbine applications

The 3D printed Outlet Guide Vane segments in INCONEL 718 will form a one-piece assembly. This OGV is the final stage in the compressor and doesn’t rotate but subject to very high temperature. The client in this project (Florida Turbine Technology in Derby) supplies instrumented prototype compressor test rigs into Rolls-Royce for performance evaluation. There aren’t many […]

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New Data Science Research Centre launches @DerbyUni

The Data Science Research Centre has launched as part of the College of Engineering and Technology.   The research centre aims to deliver significant volumes of high quality research and innovation in fields encompassing big data, analytics and the Internet of Things, and their applications in business and industry. The launch of the Centre follows on from the development of […]

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@DerbyUni engagement in development efforts with the UK Small Modular Reactor programme

Good to see @DerbyUni involved with the Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor (SMR) programme. The UK SMR programme has already engaged a wide range of UK organisations in support of development efforts that have been underway since late 2015 (Figure 6). As the programme continues to grow and evolve, an additional range of opportunities will require […]

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Learning how to segment CT and MRI scans…. #DeepLearning #AI @DerbyUni

 Image mining the web at the moment for a library to retrain an existing Deep Learning convolutional neural network. The aim is to use the retrained network as part of the AI to automatically identify, segment and measure organs in CT and MRI scans. I’m building the ‘lungs’ library at the moment, and no matter […]

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@Iceotope HPC computing @DerbyUni – evaluating EdgeStation fan-free server

Looking forward to the Iceotope team coming over to IISE tomorrow to deliver one of their HPC EdgeStations for performance evaluation. I’ll be running standard performance benchmarking on the CPUs and GPUs, but also evaluating its potential for delivering data mining, data evaluation and model optimisation via Matlab for our Medical Technologies projects.   The […]

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Further grant funding success for Prof Angelo Maligno with Innovate UK @DerbyUniIISE @DerbyUni

Professor Angelo Maligno, Chair in Composites at the University of Derby’s IISE Innovation Institute has successfully bid for research funding in Innovate UK’s Open Round 2 The £1M project: Thermoplastics: Monomer to Automotive Parts – TMAP Project – aims to develop a new lightweight material for use within structural components for the automobile industry. The […]

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@derbyuni, Derby City and Derbyshire County Councils launch new Low Carbon ERDF programme to support SMEs to get ‘Carbon Smart’

Businesses in Derby and Derbyshire can now access up to £15,000 to help them reduce their carbon footprint, thanks to a new partnership project launched today (Tuesday 7 February) at the Derby Silk Mill.  Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council, together with the University of Derby, have developed the scheme aimed at helping small […]

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2016 – An excellent year for @DerbyUni Knowledge Transfer team!

Dr Amanda Baxendale and her Knowledge Transfer team had a really successful 2016. Some highlights are: ·        Highest ever number of KTPs being ran by the University of Derby – we currently have 16 in the portfolio, and remain in the ‘top 10’ Universities for highest number of KTPs being delivered. ·        Between August 2016 and December […]