International Journal of Automation and Computing Current Issue: Vol. 11, No. 1, 2014 (IJAC)

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【Regular Papers】:

1. Multi-agent Control of High Redundancy Actuation Jessica Davies, Roger Dixon, Roger M. Goodall, Thomas Steffen Full Text:



2. A Progressive Deployment Strategy for Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control to Improve Traffic Dynamics Georges M. Arnaout, Shannon Bowling Full Text:



3. A Hybrid Time-delay Prediction Method for Networked Control System Zhong-Da Tian, Xian-Wen Gao, Kun Li Full Text:



4. Developing Bi-CG and Bi-CR Methods to Solve Generalized Sylvester-transpose Matrix Equations Masoud Hajarian Full Text:



5. N4SID and MOESP Algorithms to Highlight the Ill-conditioning into Subspace Identification Slim Hachicha, Maher Kharrat, Abdessattar Chaari Full Text:



6. An Integrated Approach to Hypersonic Entry Attitude Control Zhi-Qiang Pu, Ru-Yi Yuan, Xiang-Min Tan, Jian-Qiang Yi Full Text:



7. Modeling and H∞ Robust Control of a Smart Structure with Rate-dependent Hysteresis Nonlinearity Ping Liu, Zhen-Yan Wang, Zhen Zhang, Jian-Qin Mao, Ke-Min Zhou Full Text:



8. Smart Objects Identification System for Robotic Surveillance Amir Akramin Shafie, Azhar Bin Mohd Ibrahim, Muhammad Mahbubur Rashid Full Text:



9. GLCM Based Extraction of Flame Image Texture Features and KPCA-GLVQ Recognition Method for Rotary Kiln Combustion Working Conditions Jie-Sheng Wang, Xiu-Dong Ren Full Text:



10. Image Dehazing Based on Haziness Analysis Fan Guo, Jin Tang, Zi-Xing Cai Full Text:



11. Joint Resource Allocation for Lifetime-aware Cooperative Multi-carrier DF System Chao-Ping Guo, Kun Han, Xiao-Long Zhang, Hai-Lin Zhang Full Text:



12.An Efficient Hop Count Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Xu Zhang, Zhi-Hong Qian, Yu-Qi Guo, Xue Wang Full Text:



13.Control Schemes for Passive Teleoperation Systems over Wide Area Communication Networks with Time Varying Delay Shafiqul Islam, Xiaoping P. Liu, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, Lakmal Seneviratne, Jorge Dias Full Text:



14.A Multi-dimensional Index Structure Based on Improved VA-file and CAN in the Cloud Chun-Ling Cheng, Chun-Ju Sun, Xiao-Long Xu, Deng-Yin Zhang Full Text:




15.Erratum to:An Analysis on Decentralized Adaptive MAC Protocols for Cognitive Radio Networks Munam Ali Shah, Sijing Zhang, Carsten Maple Full Text:



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