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Energies, Volume 7, Issue 6 (June 2014), Pages 3512-4053

energies-logo Energies, Volume 7, Issue 6 (June 2014), Pages 3512-4053


Table of Contents:

ReviewReview and Comparison of Power Management Approaches for Hybrid Vehicles with Focus on Hydraulic Drives
by Mohammad Ali Karbaschian and Dirk Söffker
Energies 20147(6), 3512-3536; doi:10.3390/en7063512 

ArticleThe Real-Time Optimisation of DNO Owned Storage Devices on the LV Network for Peak Reduction
by Matthew Rowe, Timur Yunusov, Stephen Haben, William Holderbaum and Ben Potter
Energies 20147(6), 3537-3560; doi:10.3390/en7063537 

ArticleCascaded Position-Flux Controller for an AMB System Operating at Zero Bias
by Rafal Jastrzebski, Alexander Smirnov, Arkadiusz Mystkowski and Olli Pyrhönen
Energies 20147(6), 3561-3575; doi:10.3390/en7063561 

ArticleSystem for Road Vehicle Energy Optimization Using Real Time Road and Traffic Information
by Felipe Jiménez and Wilmar Cabrera-Montiel
Energies 20147(6), 3576-3598; doi:10.3390/en7063576 

ArticleNovel Modeling and Control Strategies for a HVAC System Including Carbon Dioxide Control
by Chang-Soon Kang, Jong-Il Park, Mignon Park and Jaeho Baek
Energies 20147(6), 3599-3617; doi:10.3390/en7063599 

ArticleA Single Phase Doubly Grounded Semi-Z-Source Inverter for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
by Tofael Ahmed, Tey Soon and Saad Mekhilef
Energies 20147(6), 3618-3641; doi:10.3390/en7063618 

ArticleImportance of Fuel Cell Tests for Stability Assessment—Suitability of Titanium Diboride as an Alternative Support Material
by Christina Roth, Peter Bleith, Christoph Schwöbel, Sebastian Kaserer and Jens Eichler
Energies 20147(6), 3642-3652; doi:10.3390/en7063642 

ArticleSilicon Heterojunction Solar Cells Using AlOx and Plasma-Immersion Ion Implantation
by Yu-Hsien Lin, Yung-Chun Wu, Hsin-Chiang You, Chun-Hao Chen, Ping-Hua Chen, Yi-He Tsai, Yi-Yun Yang and K. Chang-Liao
Energies 20147(6), 3653-3663; doi:10.3390/en7063653 

ArticleProof-of-Concept of a Zinc-Silver Battery for the Extraction of Energy from a Concentration Difference
by Massimo Marino, Lorenza Misuri, Andrea Carati and Doriano Brogioli
Energies 20147(6), 3664-3683; doi:10.3390/en7063664 

ArticlePerformance of a 250 kW Organic Rankine Cycle System for Off-Design Heat Source Conditions
by Ben-Ran Fu, Sung-Wei Hsu, Yuh-Ren Lee, Jui-Ching Hsieh, Chia-Ming Chang and Chih-Hsi Liu
Energies 20147(6), 3684-3694; doi:10.3390/en7063684 

ArticleDevelopment of a Digital and Battery-Free Smart Flowmeter
by Wang Hao and Ronald Garcia
Energies 20147(6), 3695-3709; doi:10.3390/en7063695 

ArticleExponential Smoothing Approaches for Prediction in Real-Time Electricity Markets
by Tryggvi Jónsson, Pierre Pinson, Henrik Nielsen and Henrik Madsen
Energies 20147(6), 3710-3732; doi:10.3390/en7063710 

ArticleSensitivity Analyses for Cross-Coupled Parameters in Automotive Powertrain Optimization
by Pongpun Othaganont, Francis Assadian and Daniel Auger
Energies 20147(6), 3733-3747; doi:10.3390/en7063733 

ArticleAn Acceleration Slip Regulation Strategy for Four-Wheel Drive Electric Vehicles Based on Sliding Mode Control
by Hongwen He, Jiankun Peng, Rui Xiong and Hao Fan
Energies 20147(6), 3748-3763; doi:10.3390/en7063748 

ArticleProduction of a Biofuel that Keeps the Glycerol as a Monoglyceride by Using Supported KF as Heterogeneous Catalyst
by Juan Calero, Gema Cumplido, Diego Luna, Enrique Sancho, Carlos Luna, Alejandro Posadillo, Felipa Bautista, Antonio Romero and Cristóbal Verdugo-Escamilla
Energies 20147(6), 3764-3780; doi:10.3390/en7063764 

ArticleSolar Air Collectors for Space Heating and Ventilation Applications—Performance and Case Studies under Romanian Climatic Conditions
by Sanda Budea
Energies 20147(6), 3781-3792; doi:10.3390/en7063781 

ArticlePitch Based Wind Turbine Intelligent Speed Setpoint Adjustment Algorithms
by Asier González-González, Ismael Etxeberria-Agiriano, Ekaitz Zulueta, Fernando Oterino-Echavarri and Jose Lopez-Guede
Energies 20147(6), 3793-3809; doi:10.3390/en7063793 

ArticleHydrodynamic Effects on Spectroscopic Water Detection in Gasoline Pipe Flow
by Jeong Kim and Chang Lee
Energies 20147(6), 3810-3822; doi:10.3390/en7063810 

ArticleOptimum Peak Current Hysteresis Control for Energy Recovering Converter in CDI Desalination
by Alberto Pernía, Francisco J. Alvarez-González, Juan Díaz, Pedro Villegas and Fernando Nuño
Energies 20147(6), 3823-3839; doi:10.3390/en7063823 

ArticleBatch Growth of Chlorella Vulgaris CCALA 896 versus Semi-Continuous Regimen for Enhancing Oil-Rich Biomass Productivity
by Sigita Vaičiulytė, Giulia Padovani, Jolanta Kostkevičienė and Pietro Carlozzi
Energies 20147(6), 3840-3857; doi:10.3390/en7063840 

ArticleAqueous Hybrids of Silica Nanoparticles and Hydrophobically Associating Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide Used for EOR in High-Temperature and High-Salinity Reservoirs
by Dingwei Zhu, Limin Wei, Biqing Wang and Yujun Feng
Energies 20147(6), 3858-3871; doi:10.3390/en7063858 

ArticleProduction of Ethanol and Biomass from Thin Stillage Using Food-Grade Zygomycetes and AscomycetesFilamentous Fungi
by Jorge Ferreira, Patrik Lennartsson and Mohammad Taherzadeh
Energies 20147(6), 3872-3885; doi:10.3390/en7063872 

ArticleGas Hydrate Occurrence Inferred from Dissolved Cl Concentrations and δ18O Values of Pore Water and Dissolved Sulfate in the Shallow Sediments of the Pockmark Field in Southwestern Xisha Uplift, Northern South China Sea
by Min Luo, Linying Chen, Hongpeng Tong, Wen Yan and Duofu Chen
Energies 20147(6), 3886-3899; doi:10.3390/en7063886 

ArticleCommunication Network Architectures for Smart-Wind Power Farms
by Mohamed Ahmed and Young-Chon Kim
Energies 20147(6), 3900-3921; doi:10.3390/en7063900 

ArticleEffects of Pretreatment Methods on Electrodes and SOFC Performance
by Guo-Bin Jung, Li-Hsing Fang, Min-Jay Chiou, Xuan-Vien Nguyen, Ay Su, Win-Tai Lee, Shu-Wei Chang, I-Cheng Kao and Jyun-Wei Yu
Energies 20147(6), 3922-3933; doi:10.3390/en7063922 

ArticleA Systematic Method for Designing a PR Controller and Active Damping of the LCL Filter for Single-Phase Grid-Connected PV Inverters
by Ningyun Zhang, Houjun Tang and Chen Yao
Energies 20147(6), 3934-3954; doi:10.3390/en7063934 

ArticleInvestigation of a Five-Phase Dual-Rotor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Used for Electric Vehicles
by Yumeng Li, Jing Zhao, Zhen Chen and Xiangdong Liu
Energies 20147(6), 3955-3984; doi:10.3390/en7063955 

ArticleEfficacy and Efficiency of Italian Energy Policy: The Case of PV Systems in Greenhouse Farms
by Filippo Sgroi, Salvatore Tudisca, Anna Di Trapani, Riccardo Testa and Riccardo Squatrito
Energies 20147(6), 3985-4001; doi:10.3390/en7063985 

ReviewEvaluation of the Wave Energy Conversion Efficiency in Various Coastal Environments
by Eugen Rusu
Energies 20147(6), 4002-4018; doi:10.3390/en7064002 

ArticleInvestigation of Process Variables in the Densification of Corn Stover Briquettes
by Curtis Thoreson, Keith Webster, Matthew Darr and Emily Kapler
Energies 20147(6), 4019-4032; doi:10.3390/en7064019 

ArticleAn Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Controller for Maximum Power Capture of Point Absorbers
by Mohammed Jama, Addy Wahyudie, Ali Assi and Hassan Noura
Energies 20147(6), 4033-4053; doi:10.3390/en7064033 

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