@DerbyUniIISE makes UK history for carbon fibre 3D printing

MF14_MarkOne_3q_5621_CMYK-505x337IISE is leading the way in the UK in the field of 3D carbon fibre printing technology that is set to revolutionise low cost design modelling and fast prototyping.

The city is the first in the UK to have one of the world’s first-ever high strength desktop 3D composite printers, as well as being chosen as the location for the UK’s launch of the ground-breaking technology.

The desktop composite 3D printer is in residence at Derby’s Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering (IISE), and represents a major investment initiative from the University of Derby, reinforcing its support for advanced manufacturing and engineering companies in the region.

“Desktop 3D printing is ideal for design modelling, fast prototyping, creating jigs and fixtures, and form, fit and function testing, at a low cost,” explains Richard Watkins, Head of Commercial Business Engagement at University of Derby.

“Designed, developed and produced by US company MarkForged, the University’s team is working with CREAT3D, the UK’s leading specialist in desktop 3D printers, IISE and Enscite to bring this pioneering technology to the UK, to unveil, showcase and demonstrate its modelling and prototyping capabilities at events at IISE on the 22ndJune.”


The revolutionary Mark One can print parts with the strength of aluminium, giving the dependability of CNC parts with the flexibility of 3D printing.

It uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) and CFF (Composite Filament Fabrication) to print functional parts with the ability to add reinforced fibres in Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, or Fibreglass, at low cost. This creates an unparalleled ability to create not only advanced prototypes, but also high strength end-use parts that can have components embedded in them during the print process.

UK launch: 22 June, IISE, Derby

“The launch event at IISE will be the first opportunity for local manufacturers and product designers to see for themselves the Mark One Composite 3D Printer and its revolutionary technology in action. We will also have experts from CREAT3D on hand to explain the scope of the revolutionary technology and deliver demonstrations of its incredible capabilities,” adds Richard.

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