Low cost non-invasive blood pressure measurement developed on the #iTrend Project @DerbyUni

Pulse Oximiter based blood pressure estimator performance compared to real-time measurement from invasive arterial pressure measurements

The simple, single objective of the iTrend project is to improve patient outcomes during Hemodialysis by controlling patient blood pressure in real-time during treatment, and constant monitoring during inter-Dialysis phases. Low cost, non-invasive technologies are the key.

I’ve been developing estimators based upon various sensor inputs (cuffs, ecg, ppg etc). Here is an indication of the performance of the latest non-linear model based around a finger-tip pulse oximiter which is showing great promise. An adaptive, learning, robust model based upon a secondary low cost sensor is currently under development.

The iTrend project is funded by the MStart Trust and is a three year collaboration between Derby University, Nottingham University and Derby Royal Hospital. In parallel with sensor and real-time modeling and control development at the University of Derby, Consultant Nephrologists Maarten Taal and Nick Selby from the University of Nottingham are conducting a patient study collecting unprecedented data streams from their base in the Renal Unit at Derby Royal Hospital.









@DerbyUniPsych are also involved via Carol Stalker, a PhD Researcher supervised by @DerbyUniVC Kath Mitchell, Profs James Elander and Paul Stewart, investigating patient acceptance and outcomes.

The Nottingham University / Renal Unit @iTrend team at DerbyRoyal Hospital with @DerbyUni PhD researcher Carol Stalker
Maarten Taal, Paul Stewart and Nick Selby: Selfies ahoy!



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