First data produced today from the iTrend #dialysis project @DerbyUni

It’s nearly two years now since Profs Maarten Taal and Nick Selby from the University of Nottingham and  Royal Derby Hospital

l-r Maarten Taal, Paul Stewart, Nick Selby

and I put together the iTrend (intelligent technologies for renal dialysis) programme to apply closed loop control to the dialysis procedure to improve patient outcomes.

The project kicked off March 2017, and today the first data was collected from our patient study at Royal Derby Hospital and will follow 20 individuals for the next 3 years.

Real-time ECG, BP traces, and a plethora of other sensor data will feed into the parameterised Matlab model which I am developing for the entire physiological and machine system, and the synthetic cardiovascular system which Prof Jill Stewart has designed and is currently building in the lab.

iTrend is a three year programme funded by the MStart Trust.

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