Our synthetic hemodialysis patient @DerbyUni has grown an artery……..

#iTrend Synthetic Dialysis patient @DerbyUni

Alongside the data analytics coming in from our patient study at Royal Derby Hospital, @ProfJillStewart and I have been developing our #Dialysis experimental simulator. The Aorta has now grown a Left Subclavian Artery, and subsidiary arteries which have fistulas to connect the patient to our Dialysis machine.

Fistulas on our synthetic patient @DerbyUni for the #iTrend #Dialysis project

Still lots of work to integrate simulated cardiovascular control, but this part of the project is coming along well. A breakthrough has been proof of our ability to continuously monitor real-time blood pressure without connecting further monitoring devices to the patient. An additional advantage is that the monitoring regime is relatively robust to patient movement as it doesn’t rely on finger cuffs etc. – see oscilloscope trace below.

Actual and estimated real-time blood pressure traces captured on our synthetic #dialysis patient

Also looking forward to our monthly data workshop this week, looking at characterisation and prediction of blood pressure response during Hemodialysis

#iTrend project members at the last data workshop.
L-R Prof Maarten Taal, Prof Jill Stewart, Dr Tarek Eldenhi, Prof Paul Stewart, Dr Latha Gallapudi, Dr Nick Selby
Paul Stewart
Director of Innovation Mel Morris Endowed Chair in Intelligent Systems University of Derby UK email:

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