Bridging #dialysis patient study real time data into control engineering modeling via Evolutionary Programming

Prof Jill Stewart updating consortium members of analysis of the 50 patient study




One of our brilliant iTrend (Intelligent Technologies for Renal Dialysis) project data meetings today at Royal Derby Hospital with the consortium members from Derby and Nottingham Universities. The Derby Royal Hospital Renal Team has successfully signed up our required  number of 50 patients on the study, collecting real time cardiovascular data during dialysis treatments. Prof Jill Stewart, Research Professor on the iTrend project, presented on the new statistical approach developed which derives a frequency ‘signature’ which is correlated to aspects of cardiac baroreflex. @ProfPaulStewart presented on the next step in the developments of the real time cardiovascular experimental simulator.

The rig will run as ‘hardware in the loop’ to a computer tracking real-time patient data via a multi variable control system developed by Evolutionary Programming. The evolved controller replicates the nervous system and physiological responses which control blood pressure. It is our theory that the controller gain matrix will correlate with the patient data frequency ‘signature’.

I’ll be starting on the constraint programming so that the Evolutionary Programme can’t blow the rig up as the controller develops. Although I’ve deployed Evolutionary Programming before, this is the first time on a physiological system.




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