New patient study approval granted for iTrend hemodialysis research programme

The iTrend (Intelligent technologies for Renal Dialysis) team is about to make an important step forward. We have developed a new sensor system and associated analysis which delivers non-invasive, real-time, continuous blood pressure measurement for the duration of a dialysis treatment.

Previously we have developed hardware and analytics on our laboratory test rig which simulates a fully controllable cardiovascular system, fistula, and dialysis machine.

We are now in a position to carry out a full scale patient study to verify the monitoring technology, and carry out incremental improvement and development.

Sensing system ‘dry run’

Last week we carried out a ‘dry run’ in the Renal Department at Royal Derby Hospital. Our new sensor system connects to standard Dialysis lines. The photo shows iTrend Project Officer Elke Louise Trump acting as a dialysis patient receiving treatment. Our data acquisition system is in the background, while in the foreground is a Finapres ‘Finometer’ which we are using to verify the accuracy of our system.

We are expecting to start with our first real patient within the next two weeks, on a study run by Dr Beth Lucas. Our plan is to use the study strategically to identify operational and analytical improvements which can be made to the system, then to perform verification on pace the improvements have been made. Following on will be a further patient study to investigate real time prediction of the onset of hypo and hyper tension during dialysis treatment.

Dr Beth Lucas and our dry run patient
Paul Stewart
Director of Innovation Mel Morris Endowed Chair in Intelligent Systems University of Derby UK email:

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