Practicing and validating our methodology for the next iTrend data study

iTrend project manager Eleke-Louise Crump bravely acting as a guinea pig on a dry run for our new patient study.

Its sometimes easy to forget how much work goes into setting up the best patient experience possible for the brilliant volunteers who freely engage with our patient study activity. We’re currently kicking of our second patient study, which focuses on validation of the sensors and software algorithms which we have developed on the project to provide non-invasive, continuous blood-pressure monitoring for renal dialysis patients:

US Patent Office & Overseas License 62/855069 MEASURING PRESSURE WAVES IN DIALYSIS LINES TO DERIVE CONTINUOUS ARTERIAL BLOOD PRESSURE Prof Paul Stewart, Prof Jill Stewart, et al. iTrend Medical Research Ltd.

Developing technology like this requires a great deal of patience from our participants in the studies. In addition to the standard dialysis lines, there are also a number of sensors and clips from the Finometer device, which provides real-time data validation, plus our own data aquisition system sensor array. We conduct trial runs and try to make the process as efficient and smooth as possible, and really strive to make the patient experience as good as possible.

 We’re now engaged with delivering our second patient study in the Renal Unit at Royal Derby Hospital, and I’ll be reporting back on it as it progresses.

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