New #iTrend patient study on non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring starts @derbyuni

Patient IT52, first in vivo application of continuous non-invasive BP monitoring

Last Thursday 24th October, we kicked off #iTrend second major patient study at Royal Derby Hospital. The next three months will see us monitoring complete 4 hour #dialysis treatments on a set of patients with follow up sessions. Utilising Finapres Finometer units capturing real time data in parallel with our own system to verify our data and estimation methods, we are capturing a wide range of continuous real time data including

  • Systolic, diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure
  • ECG II
  • Dialysis arterial and venous line pressures
  • Cardiac output
  • Total peripheral resistance
  • Stroke Volume
  • Heart rate
Finometer and our data acquisition system in the Renal Unit

The initial results look very promising, and match closely with the results we have been getting from our laboratory cardiovascular/dialysis simulator.  The outcomes from this patient study feed into the further development of the machine learning software which allows personalised models of the patient, sensors and dialyser to enable accurate blood pressure measurement.

This patient study also feeds into other parallel research threads

  • physiological ‘fingerprints’ held within continuous real-time blood pressure data
  • fistula stenosis prognostics and diagnostics
  • Real-time hypertension and hypotension prediction during dialysis
  • personalised dialysis models and individual treatment

Also in development is a cardiovascular/neural software simulator to investigate the effects of perfusion and the degradation of physio/neural response in blood pressure control, particularly in the context of vascular refill lag during dialysis.

There will be a number of journal papers being published on this activity in the near future. ITrend Intelligent Technologies for Renal Dialysis is a collaborative programme between the Universities of Derby and Nottingham, and Royal Derby Hospital, and is funded by MStart via iTrend Ltd.



Paul Stewart
Director of Innovation Mel Morris Endowed Chair in Intelligent Systems University of Derby UK email:

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