Aerospace Systems: EPSRC Project EP/H003150/2 Airport Energy Technologies Network

EPSRC Low Carbon Airport Energy Technologies Network (AETN).

The Network was one of a portfolio of funded projects researching technological aspects of reducing the fuel consumption and carbon emissions of aircraft and airport operations which were funded as a result of an EPSRC Sandpit. The projects, led by @DerbyUni @ProfPaulStewart amounted to a total of £600k out of a total Sandpit budget of £3.4M.

The Network had a membership of 17 UK universities, and 20 major UK Airport and Airport related companies, examples including Manchester, Zurich and Frankfurt Airports.

Project investigators:
 Prof. Paul Stewart, University of Derby (AETN Director)
 Dr Tim Ryley, Loughborough University (Co-lead)
 Prof. Savvas Tassou, Brunel University
 Dr Mike Bennett, Manchester Metropolitan University
 Dr Paul Chan, University of Manchester
 Dr Francesca Medda, UCL
 Prof Edmund Burke, Stirling University

AETN Academic and Industrial partners at a network meeting at Manchester Airport

The Network was founded in 2008 to develop the low carbon energy research community and its links with the key industrial and commercial players in the airport, airline and aeronautical industries. Professor Paul Stewart, was Director of the Network which included colleagues from Loughborough and Nottingham universities. The Network participants are conducting research projects which represent high value to commerce and industry in terms of energy efficiency, reduced emissions and compliance with future operating practices and legislation. The core requirement of AETN membership is the generation of different perspectives, innovation, and fresh insights from disciplines and market sectors not traditionally associated with this field. It is this concept which is core to differentiating the Network from existing groups. It is unique in this aspect, and undertakes a vital role in bringing its members’ high risk, high adventure research to general acknowledgement and acceptance.