Low-Carbon Optimisation of Aircraft Ground Movement

This activity was initiated by an EPSRC research grant resulting from a joint bid between myself while I was at Lincoln University, Prof Edmund Burke, who was at the University of Nottingham at the time and is now DVC at Leicester University, and Dr. Mahroo Eftekari of the University of Loughborough. The programme has been conducted in association with Manchester and Zurich airports.

The programme is developing methods for low-carbon scheduling of:

  • Runway sequencing
  • Ground movement
  • Fuel efficient taxiing

The new methods have a significant impact on the real world:

  • Optimal runway sequences
  • Significantly reducing runway delays and CTOT violations
  • 23.6% reduction in taxi time

Integrating and Automating Airport Operations EPSRC Grant: EP/H004424/2 2011  – 2014

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The project emerged from the Research Councils’ Energy Programme Sandpit in Airport Operations held at Shrigley Hall, Cheshire. It represents a wide ranging multi-disciplinary and cross-institutional initiative to exploit recent research advances in automated search methodologies and decision support techniques for air operations (and other related areas). The project will open up a range of exciting and ambitious research directions in the crucially important area of airport operations. The programme of research builds integrated computational models of four key airport operations:

  • Take-off scheduling
  • Landing Scheduling
  • Gate Assignment
  • Baggage flow.

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The project explores how to build computational models that represent the integration of these problems and it will explore how to develop effective multi-objective search methodologies which will employ the models. At the moment, these operations are addressed in an isolated (and often manual) way. The ultimate goal is to develop innovative search methodologies which are able to operate from a global perspective in order to provide airport operators with a much higher level of computer aided decision support than is available today. Integrating these four operations and exploring new and exciting ways of generating high quality solutions to the integrated problem is the broad basic aim of the project. We work closely with colleagues at Manchester and Zurich airports to ensure that we have continuous access to real world expertise and data. The proposal brings together a balanced inter-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers to investigate a series of novel research challenges with the overall goal of underpinning the development of tomorrow’s airport operations decision support systems.


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