Thomas Walker

Tom is currently RA on the EPSRC Actve Footbed project.


Derby University – MSc Innovative Engineering Solutions Graduate 2016-2017

RA Tom Walker with Prof Jill Stewart

The University of Warwick – BSc Physics Graduate 2013-2016


University of Derby IISE Placement 2017 During a placement within the university Institute for Innovation and Sustainable Engineering (IISE) department, I worked with a colleague to produce an innovative and non-invasive density sensor capable of measuring the velocity and density of in-pipe fluids through ultrasonic and infrared sensors.

MSSL UCL Ion-Mass Spectrometer Summer Research Project 2015 I undertook a placement within UCL’s Mullard Space Science Laboratory where I assisted in testing and refining the design of an ion-mass spectrometer within a satellite module as part of a worldwide satellite program known as QB50. The spectrometer module was designed to resolve the constituent elements and ions of Earth’s lower thermosphere, and the design of which I iteratively modified using ion flight simulation software to enhance the energy resolution of collected particles. During this project, ion flight simulations produced vast amounts of data in excess of a million ions, for which I successfully wrote several MATLAB programs to creatively analyse and reorder this data into an understandable format that allowed for more efficient design iterations.