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Our mechanical heart arrived for the #iTrend project @DerbyUni

 The core of the experimental cardiovascular system being built by @ProfJillStewart for the #iTrend project arrived today. Apart from the usual controllable swept volume, sys/dia ratio and heart rate deliverable from this pump, Jill is designing a system with variable peripheral resistance and compliance. The test rig, when connected to our dialysis machine, will allow […]

Endowed Chair in Intelligent Systems iTREND Research

Automating the analysis of the #iTrend project @DerbyUni data stream

Way back when I was doing my PhD, my mate Pierre was working on his PhD which centred around automatic classification of cancer tumours from breast screening images. Pierre successfuly applied neural networks and support vector machines to produce a decision support tool for medics. This was 25 years ago…… I went down a different […]

Endowed Chair in Intelligent Systems iTREND

First data produced today from the iTrend #dialysis project @DerbyUni

It’s nearly two years now since Profs Maarten Taal and Nick Selby from the University of Nottingham and  Royal Derby Hospital and I put together the iTrend (intelligent technologies for renal dialysis) programme to apply closed loop control to the dialysis procedure to improve patient outcomes. The project kicked off March 2017, and today the […]

Endowed Chair in Intelligent Systems iTREND Research

Exciting year ahead on the iTrend project @DerbyUni

There’s an exciting year ahead for the iTrend project! Maarten Taal and Nick Selby’s team over at Royal Derby Hospital have started the patient study and are now collecting real-time data during Dialysis with their new Finometer data aquisition units. Jill Stewart is making headway with our artificial cardio-vascular system, and I can see the […]

Endowed Chair in Intelligent Systems iTREND Research University of Derby

Back on with dynamic Modeling of #dialysis today before our experimental dialyser arrives @derbyuni

  Just doing the last touches on a parametrised dialysis model before our dialysis machine arrives in the lab, kindly donated by Royal Derby Hospital. As soon as it arrives I’ll be working with Prof Jill Stewart to develop an artificial ‘person’ to connect to it so that we can develop an adaptive model. Next […]

Endowed Chair in Intelligent Systems iTREND Research University of Derby

Low cost non-invasive blood pressure measurement developed on the #iTrend Project @DerbyUni

The simple, single objective of the iTrend project is to improve patient outcomes during Hemodialysis by controlling patient blood pressure in real-time during treatment, and constant monitoring during inter-Dialysis phases. Low cost, non-invasive technologies are the key. I’ve been developing estimators based upon various sensor inputs (cuffs, ecg, ppg etc). Here is an indication of […]

IISE iTREND Research University of Derby

@Iceotope HPC computing @DerbyUni – evaluating EdgeStation fan-free server

Looking forward to the Iceotope team coming over to IISE tomorrow to deliver one of their HPC EdgeStations for performance evaluation. I’ll be running standard performance benchmarking on the CPUs and GPUs, but also evaluating its potential for delivering data mining, data evaluation and model optimisation via Matlab for our Medical Technologies projects.   The […]


Project review meeting for Serious Sports Technology Ltd funded R&D programmes @DerbyUniIISE @DerbyUni

The project teams presented on progress yesterday @DerbyUniIISE to the funding team from SST Ltd. We are currently developing a number of near to market programmes for them which will be reaching delivery phase this summer. Very impressive progress from our new researchers who haven’t been in post very long!   Prof Paul Stewart, Principal […]


New research programme: iTREND Intelligent Technologies for Renal Dialysis and Diagnostics @DerbyUniIISe @DerbyUni

iTREND Intelligent Technologies for Renal Dialysis and Diagnostics Very excited and proud to announce a prestigious new cross-disciplinary research project between the Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering at the University of Derby, and the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham. The project officially starts on April 4th 2016 and run for 3 […]